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How to Safely Give Pets Supplements

Pampering your pet doesn't have to mean splurging on a doggie day spa. There's a much healthier – and more affordable – way to show you care, and that's with pet supplements. Follow these five safety measures to ensure your furry friends get the essential vitamins and minerals they need to look and feel their best!

  1. Consult a professional. Talk with your vet before giving your pet new vitamins or supplements to help avoid interaction with any current medications.
  2. Look at labels. Not all human supplements are suitable for pets. That’s why it’s important to choose the supplements specifically formulated for your four-legged friend.
  3. Trick with a treat. Wrap tablets or capsules in a Pill Pocket or other malleable pet treat. Your little fur ball will appreciate the tasty reward while you appreciate the pure ease of it all.
  4. Use your senses. Watch, listen and scan your pet for any changes in mood or physical appearance after introducing anything new. Most adverse reactions occur within the first 72 hours, but dutifully monitor them every day to be safe.
  5. Be on point. Organize your pet’s supplements the same way you would your own. A 7-day pill case, for instance, helps to track which supplements your pet has taken and if you missed a day’s dose.
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Supplements For Dogs and Supplements For Cats

We know you spoil your pets – and you should! They deserve that new toy or piece of chicken you "accidentally" dropped on the floor. But you also want your furry family members to be healthy and happy, which comes from ensuring their nutrition is wholesome and complete. Since not all pet foods satisfy their nutritional needs, pet supplements are an easy way to fill in the gaps.

Animal Supplements

Be aware, though, the multi-vitamins you take every day are not necessarily good for your four-legged friend. Animal supplements are specially formulated to suit your pet. For example, their bodies are covered in hair (much like your couch). To help keep Fluffy’s coat shiny and soft, try cat supplements rich in essential fatty acids. Many skin and hair supplements for cats are formulated to promote less shedding while also supporting their GI tract, which means fewer hairballs and a healthier sheen.

Looking for dog supplements for your pup that's way past his puppy years? You can find supplements for dogs that support joint structure and range of motion to help him keep up with those young bucks in the dog park. If you're not sure what your tail-wagging friend needs, talk with your veterinarian first. And if you're hesitant about giving your pet a pill, shop Vitacost's selection of soft chews, powders, liquids and more – all at prices that will spoil you as much as you pamper your pets.

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