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Toy tips: which ones are best for my pet?

When the cat is away, the mouse will play. But what about when the cat's owner is away – at work, at the gym, or running errands all day?

Active pets need adequate stimulation to stave off boredom. Plus, having plenty of toys around can keep your furry friends from scratching your sofa and chewing up your favorite shoes. Here are some helpful tips about providing the right toys for your pet:

  • Safety first: Be sure that the toys you choose are free of materials that may be hazardous to your precious pet, including loose ribbons, strings, peeling paint and sharp edges. Keep an eye on the condition of your pet's toys and toss any that are falling apart.
  • Keep it clean: If your pup's favorite stuffed duck survives long enough to need a cleaning, do so by washing it with cold water and a gentle, natural detergent. Wash by hand or place in a delicate garment bag for a quick machine wash. For plastic toys, a trip through the dishwasher or a quick wipe-down with water and vinegar should take care of stains and odors.
  • Age & size appropriate: Larger dogs can easily choke on small objects, such as tennis balls – that's why it's extremely important to make sure the toys you choose are appropriate for your pet's size. Keep his age in mind as well – younger animals benefit from teething toys and love wild, bouncing objects, while older pets may prefer a toy they can play with while sitting.
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Playing fetch with a stick? You wouldn't think of it! Fido's got his very own toybox—and you're a good pet parent for filling it. Because squeaky balls, chewy rings and rubber bones mean more than just fun times at the park for your pup. Dog toys help keep your furry friend in shape, stress free and social—all of which are important for his health.

Good thing you can find all the best playthings for pets for less at! Stroll the aisles of our virtual pet store to find top-notch toys for dogs, from flying boomerangs and tug-o-war ropes for active play to plush pals for car-ride company and comfort during thunderstorms.

Felines need fun, too! Bring out the tiger in Fluffy with cat toys that capture curiosity and encourage a chase. Hunting is healthy play for indoor kitties, providing an outlet for excess energy and a challenge to keep their instincts sharp. Get those paws prowling with feathered teasers, light-up lasers and even a remote-control mouse—just a few of the tempting toys for cats we carry.

A healthy pet is a happy pet, so make play a regular part of your dog's or cat's day. Entertainment is always easy, when you shop for pet toys at!

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