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On A Vegan Diet, Vitacost has Vegan Foods For You

The words “convenient” and “vegan” don’t often appear together. True, following a vegan diet takes effort. But making delicious, healthy vegan meals doesn’t have to mean hours of vegetable chopping or agonizing over hidden ingredients. You can stock up on many dairy-free, egg-free-and more importantly ready-to-eat-vegan foods right here at

For those who don’t already know, vegan food contains no animal-derived ingredients-which means not only are meat, dairy and eggs off limits, but anything made from these foods is avoided as well. A vegan diet is a clean, plant-based approach to eating that’s nutritious and thoughtful, with respect for the earth and its animal inhabitants reflected in everyday food choices.

Picturing vegan meals as a plate of veggies with a side of fruit? Think again! Creative vegan recipes transform tofu into luscious lasagnas, beans into tasty burgers, lentils into hearty soups. Snacks such as nuts, seeds, popcorn, hummus and even chips and salsa or guacamole are all vegan food favorites everyone enjoys.

Save yourself the trouble of scouring labels when you shop Vitacost’s extensive selection of vegan foods. From breakfast cereals, crackers and cookies to grains, beans, pasta and soups, you’ll find all your vegan food staples and snacks, from trusted vegan brands such as Annie’s Naturals, Fantastic Foods, Dr. McDougall’s and many more!

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