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Vitacost Mineral Supplements

When it comes to nutrients, vitamins seem to steal the show. But even though they’re not in the spotlight, minerals are just as important – in fact, they are essential for many different body functions and processes.

For those of us who don’t consume enough minerals through diet alone, Vitacost mineral supplements offer a convenient, cost-effective way to contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle.

With so many products available, why should you choose Vitacost minerals? For starters, all Vitacost brand nutritional products are manufactured to the absolutely highest standards of safety, quality and efficacy. Unlike with mystery brand minerals, there’s no need to worry about whether what’s inside the bottle matches the label.

From single-mineral supplements to combination formulas, Vitacost has the mineral supplements you’re searching for, including:

  • Vitacost Calcium: We offer more than 20 different calcium products in various strengths and sizes, including calcium soft chews, calcium & magnesium complex and many more.
  • Vitacost Magnesium: Whether you’re looking for a powdered magnesium drink mix or magnesium capsules, Vitacost brand has the product you need.
  • Vitacost chelated minerals: Chelation occurs when minerals are bound to other molecules in the body for optimal absorption. Vitacost chelated minerals are developed to mimic your body’s natural chelation process - choose from chelated iron, magnesium, copper and other minerals.

For mineral supplements you can trust, shopping the Vitacost Mineral store is a must!

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