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Why take Vitacost® probiotics?
Balance is beautiful. Billions of bacteria, both good and bad, inhabit the body. To maintain optimal levels of beneficial microorganisms and to support healthy digestion and more, choose Vitacost® probiotics.
Which probiotic is right for me?
Everyday formulas to help replenish or increase friendly bacteria in the body.
Ideal for those who already eat probiotic-rich foods (yogurt, kefir, etc.) but want additional intake.
Good for digestive and immune health.
High concentrations of multiple probiotic strains in single, easy-to-take formulas.
Replenishes the body’s natural healthy-bacteria colonies.
Ideal for those whose diets lack probiotic-rich foods, or those who eat poorly, drink alcohol, travel frequently or experience excess stress.
Natural support for digestive and immune health.
Our highest concentrations and most potent strains of probiotics.
Uniquely manufactured to protect live organisms on their way to the digestive tract.
Ideal for those who have adventurous diets, travel extensively or recently took antibiotics.
Promotes digestive and immune health.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

A Primer in Probiotics

Probiotics are live, “friendly” microorganisms that inhabit your digestive tract. Maintaining a healthy balance of these beneficial bacteria is essential to good health – but factors such as stress and diet can throw that balance out of whack.

Searching for a way to consume more probiotics? They can be found in yogurt, fermented soy and other fortified foods and beverages, as well as in supplement form. Vitacost brand probiotic supplements offer a convenient way to consume friendly bacteria.

Vitacost Probiotics

Because not everyone is identical, we offer various supplements to suit your lifestyle – including probiotics for women and men of all ages. Our Daily Essentials collection includes everyday formulas that help replenish your body’s supply of probiotics. For those who experience stress or whose diets lack probiotic-rich foods, our Advanced Support supplements provide high concentrations with multiple probiotic strains. And for individuals whose lifestyle demands more, our Supreme Support probiotics for men and women deliver the highest concentrations of potent probiotics.