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Chew on these digestive health tips

Prevent and soothe the pain of indigestion, heartburn, bloating and other stomach problems by following these bits of advice:

  1. Stop before you're stuffed: One more bite might not send you over the edge, but it's best to stop before you feel full, as overeating can lead to indigestion, bloating and general stomach discomfort.
  2. Go for good bacteria: Take advantage of probiotic supplements, which provide "friendly" bacteria that can help support digestive health and function.
  3. Get things moving: Feeling a bit… backed up? To get things moving along, try a stool softener or laxative. Also, be sure you're getting plenty of fiber in your daily diet.
  4. Don't feel the burn: If you're prone to heartburn or indigestion, steer clear of spicy foods, anything with excessive fat or oil, alcohol and caffeine. Already suffering from heartburn? Try an antacid to help neutralize the acid.
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Digestive Health - Stomach Problems

When gas is bringing you down, bloating has you busting out or cramping makes you want to curl up, you need relief - fast! With fast food around every corner and vending machines full of junk, it's no wonder that our bellies revolt. But these stomach problems need not persist.

First line of defense

To help restore and maintain digestive balance, arm yourself with a probiotic supplement. Probiotics can be taken daily for maintenance or for just a few weeks at a time, depending on your needs. It's also useful to keep a food journal to identify food enemies. The next time you have an upset stomach, jot down what you recently ate. Your best line of defense will be to avoid these trigger food at all costs.

Plan B

When temptation is too strong and the kids are screaming for ice cream, act fast with Lactaid Fast Act. This kind of digestive health support comes from enzymes that help break down the food that's causing you stomach problems. Between vacations and holiday indulgences, there will be times when your healthy eating habits get tossed out the window and you end up eating one too many peanut butter balls. That kind of tummy ache calls for laxatives that work to relieve irregularity and bring back the balance.

Your digestive health should not be underestimated. So, the next time your stomach is crying for help, listen to its pleas for peace and be sure to have a few essentials on hand. You can find the brands you know and trust at the Vitacost drugstore, where the prices can't be beat.

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