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Do you eat enough vegetables?

It’s tough to admit, but Mom was right when she told you to eat your vegetables. But you no longer have to choke down limp, soggy stalks of broccoli to get an ice cream cone. Instead, eating vegetables—prepared the way you like ‘em—is motivation for a healthier, happier you.

At Vitacost, we’re all about helping you live healthy (and while you’re at it, save money). So we’ve got a great selection of veggies, beans, tomatoes and sea vegetables to help you fill that daily five-to-nine quota—and stay within your budget.

Why not just pick up vegetables and beans at the supermarket? Besides the risk of knocking over that giant pyramid can-display, you’re simply not going to find the quality, or prices, that Vitacost offers. We’re talkin’ organic black beans. Vine-ripened, imported tomatoes. BPA-free cans. Up to 50 percent off retail. Need we say more? Think burritos. Chili. Chunky marinara. Stir fry. Then stock your pantry with black beans, tomatoes, sea vegetables and other vegetables from Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt to call Mom—she’d love to hear that that her tough love really paid off!

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