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Cold Flue

‘Tis the season for sneezin’ - are you prepared?

No matter where you go - the office, the gym, the train station - it seems like everyone around you is sick. That means it’s time to stock up on drugstore essentials for cough, cold and flu:

  1. Vitamins & minerals: Support your body’s normal immune function and natural defenses with vitamin and mineral formulas. These products are available in convenient effervescent or chewable tablets and easy-to-pack powder packets.
  2. Pain reliever: If you’re sidelined by a sore throat or splitting headache, you’ll want a supply of your preferred over-the-counter pain reliever on hand.
  3. Cold/flu medicine. When you’re dealing with multiple symptoms, cold and flu medicine may be your best bet. Instead of dashing to the drugstore at 2 a.m., shop our selection and stock up ahead of time.
  4. Throat & cough aids. Quiet your pesky cough and soothe that scratchy throat with cough drops and syrups, as well as throat lozenges and sprays.
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Cold And Flu Remedies

Uh-oh. That feeling is back. Fuzzy head, tickly throat, the overwhelming urge to crawl back into bed for the day. Despite avoiding germy doorknobs, bundling up (like Mom insisted!) and drinking extra OJ, cold and flu season got the best of you. But that doesn't mean you have to be miserable for the better part of the week.

At Vitacost, you won't find flu treatment products (please, see your doctor if it's serious!), but you will find cold and flu solutions to make life a little easier while you're under the weather. Like soothing herbal cough drops. Cooling nasal mists. And minty chest-rub ointments.

When camping out on the couch isn't an option, an over-the-counter cold treatment can help you stick to your schedule despite the sniffles. We've got all the biggest brand names in cold and flu remedies, including Tylenol, Robitussin, Chloraseptic, Vicks, Mucinex, Zicam and more. From non-drowsy nasal decongestants to get you through the day to PM formulas to help you finally rest at night, get the 24-hour cold and flu season relief you need right here at

Of course, of all the remedies for a cold you've tried, a simple, steaming bowl of chicken soup may bring the most comfort. Luckily, we've got that too! Head on over to our grocery section to stock up on great-tasting, organic, heat-and-serve cans.

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