3 Places You Never Thought to Wear Sunscreen

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Sunscreen is truly an all-season skincare essential. Daily application aids in reducing wrinkles, brown spots, discoloration and even the threat of skin cancer. This may be enough to prompt you to wear sunscreen during a day at the beach. But are you protecting certain sensitive body parts in these unsuspecting places?

I Need Sunscreen Where?1. Neck and ears area while at your desk — If your office has any windows (and I hope it does!), you should be wearing sunscreen from head to toe. But most likely, your legs are hidden under a desk and your arms covered by a sweater due to freezing-cold office temps. Don’t think this lets you off the hook. Your neck and ears are susceptible to sunlight shining through the windows. Help prevent the red-neck look by using a daily moisturizer with SPF over top of your ears and down and around your neck. Hint: save time by using the same moisturizer on your face, before applying makeup.  

2. Shoulders, ears and hands while in a car —  Whether sitting in a car for 10 minutes or 10 hours, your shoulders, ears and hands are the sun’s first points of contact. Though your arms may be the most exposed, these body parts have the thinnest skin. Because we’re so hard on our hands, they often show signs of aging the quickest of any body part. Fight back by lathering hands with at least SPF 30 and reapply after every washing. When going sleeveless, protect your shoulders from developing sun spots or darkening freckles. And don’t forget your ears — even with your hair down, they need sunblock! Once it’s all covered,  you’re ready to put one (sunscreen-covered) hand on the steering wheel and cruise on down the road.

3. Lips and eye area at an indoor pool —   You may not be wearing sunglasses or think to apply lip balm since you’re indoors. However, the sun’s rays reflect off of water and light can shine through even tinted windows. For your delicate eyes, choose an oil-free, paraben-free SPF moisturizer and gently pat under your eyes and brows. Be careful not to apply too closely to lashes or the crease of your eye. Lips are another sensitive point because of their many touch receptors. Because you want to actually feel that next kiss, keep lips covered at all times. Upon getting out of the water and after eating or drinking, smooth on a protecting balm.