3 Secrets to Staying Organized

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

Being organized is one of those elusive ways of life for me, like being a Zen master or not having a Facebook account. In my constant striving for some semblance of order, I have learned to keep it simple. Whoever said “less is more” actually knew what they were talking about. When you have less stuff, it’s easier to keep track of it; that’s a given. But where do you cut back and what do you leave out?

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Here are my top three tips for getting ““ and staying ““ organized.

1. Does it fit in here?

Stop carrying everything but the kitchen sink in your bag. Try a small coin purse instead. They are the perfect size for your ID, debit card, a bit of cash and some killer lip gloss. For longer trips or when you need kid-paraphernalia like diapers, coloring books, and bibs, tote bags give you just enough room to carry it all without weighing you down. They’re great for keeping your purchases to a minimum when shopping, too. If it doesn’t fit in there, it’s not coming home with you.

 2.  Keep a routine.

Most of us, we go to work at the same time each day, our kids have the same schedule of baseball practice on Tuesdays and math tutoring on Thursdays, and if it’s spaghetti for dinner it must be Monday. Human beings are creatures of habit. If you’re embarking on a quest for a healthier life but having trouble remembering the little things like taking your vitamins, get yourself a 7-day pill case. Inexpensive and convenient, these kinds of   organizational tools will help you keep your routine without breaking the bank.

3. Delegate.

Don’t try to do it all. I know, you think no one else will do it “right” so you have to do it yourself. Letting go of perfectionism is not only freeing to your soul, but also to your time. The world will keep spinning if you let others help you get things done. Have your kids unload the dishwasher, pay the sitter five bucks extra to vacuum, and let your husband check the kids’ homework in the morning. Plus, you can minimize the amount of errands you need to do each week by taking advantage of programs like Vitacost’s Set & Save; it’s like having a personal shopper who brings all the household supplies, workout supplements and beauty products you need right to your door!

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