3 Self-Tanner Tips for a Streak-Free Summer Glow

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by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

I’m super pale, in case you haven’t noticed. Tanning isn’t really something my skin does.  It isn’t a matter of time spent outside, my skin just doesn’t get down with that whole melanin production thing. Blame my strong Czechoslovakian genes for that, and for my wide child-bearing hips. Anyway, in lieu of getting trapped in the whole burn-peel-remain fish belly white-burn again cycle, I liberally apply sunscreen and opt for a more clandestine, bottle based approach to my tanning.

3 Self-Tanner Tips for a Streak-Free Summer Glow

Self-tanners got a bad rap when they first hit the market. Orange in tone, disgusting in scent, filled with awful toxic chemicals and specializing in streaking like a frat boy at a homecoming game, there was way too much fake in that bake. But new formulations and cleaner products means there are more options for us melanin-challenged individuals.

Today, there are many self-tanning products available that are paraben, phthlalate and oxybenzone free. In fact, True Natural all Natural Self Tanner is completely plant based, making it chemical free and entirely non-toxic. These should be your starting point in choosing a self tanner. For the best outcome of any tanner, lotion or foam, follow these three steps.


The biggest enemy to an even, streak-free tan is dry skin. Use a dry brush on your entire body (not your face) to remove dead, scaly skin.


Again, dry skin is not your friend in the land of fake tans. The key here is to use a light moisturizer. Anything too emollient will create too much of a barrier. Try a coconut oil based moisturizer like Organic Fiji Nourishing Lotion.

Apply and Dry

Experienced self tanners may enjoy the light and airy feel of a foam, while a novice is better off using a lotion. Either way, be sure to give your self tanner plenty of time to dry before you put on clothes, hop into bed, or come into contact with water.