3 Ways to Give Yourself a “Mommy Time-Out”

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Most of us are pretty stressed. Women tend to carry a heavy workload, including the majority of child rearing, at least 60 percent of the housework (even when working full time), plus managing the bulk of the family’s social engagements. That can wear us down over time. It’s beautiful and selfless that you spend every day caring for others, but you need to take care of yourself, too, or you won’t have any more to give to those you love.

Here are 3 ways to unwind, even when you’re short on time:

1. Make “me time” tea time.  Short on time? Carve out a few minutes for a soothing cup of tea. Something like Yogi Kava Stress Relief or Alvita Caffeine Free Chamomile is the perfect way to give yourself a much needed “time out.” If all you can grab is five minutes of peace in the midst of a jam-packed day, then maximize those precious moments of sanity and give yourself a chance to recharge before you head back out to fight the good fight.

2. DIY spa.  Perhaps you have an hour here or there where you can schedule some down time. My youngest is in preschool part-time now, which means I can usually work in about an hour of down time between spurts of furiously typing away at the keyboard. One of my favorite ways to treat myself is to indulge in a little quiet time on the couch with the Earth Therapeutics Soothing Beauty Mask, fresh from the refrigerator, resting gently on my eyes, and the Earth Therapeutics Relaxing Microwaveable Neck Pillow wrapped snugly around my neck. The only challenge here is making myself get up to pick up the kids from school!

3. Early to bed, happy to rise.  When the day has been a real doozie, and you need to shut out the world, ask your man to do you a solid and take over for the night. Make a strategic attack on stress by combining a cup of calming tea with a perfect bubble bath, then taking to bed early after applying Yes To Inc Soothing Eye Gel and blocking out everything with the Bucky Eye Shades with Ear Plugs Pillow (this pillow is also fantastic for sensory play on a more frisky night).

Sometimes a minute can feel like a millennia when you really need a break. Don’t wait until your body forces you to take some down time by falling sick or making you crack emotionally. Remember, you can’t give so much that you have nothing left for yourself. You’re not being selfish, you’re being smart, because you’re a Bombshell!

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