4 DIY Pampering Gifts for Mom

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

Mom is the one who magically healed all your scrapes, cuts and heartbreaks; who changed you, clothed you, fed you, protected you and worked hard to provide for you. No doubt about it, your mom deserves something special this Mother’s Day – so why not surprise her with some DIY pampering products that’ll make her feel beautiful?

Here are 4 recipes for skin-smoothing and softening essentials you can whip up right in your own kitchen!

Carrot skincare mask in bowl on wooden background

DIY Anti-Aging Facial Mask

Allow carrot to cool before adding to other ingredients. Mix well to combine. Scoop into clean glass jar and store in refrigerator for up to 2 days.

Foot scrub in jar with fresh lavender

DIY Softening Lavender Peppermint Foot Scrub

Add salt and oil to small bowl and stir to combine. Break open tea bag and sprinkle contents into bowl. Add peppermint oil and stir mixture until well combined. With a large spoon, scoop into a clean glass jar. Tie with a ribbon and a spring of herbs or greenery.
Bubble bath and lotions in jars

DIY Soothing Bubble Bath

In a medium-sized bowl, add soap and slowly add water (if you do it slowly you can avoid a bubbly mess). Stir (very) gently, then add sea salt. Stir (very gently) again. Add essential oil(s) and stir again to blend. Transfer mixture to a bottle with a cap or lid. Voila!

Aloe body cream with fresh leaves in a wooden bowl

DIY Aloe & E Body Cream

In a medium-sized bowl, mix together aloe vera gel, essential oils and vitamin E oil. Set aside.
Add beeswax and carrier oil (jojoba, sweet almond or grapeseed) to a tall glass measuring cup or jar. Fill a saucepan with 2-3” of water. Place glass jar in the water and bring to a gentle boil (if you own a double boiler, you can skip this process and use that instead!)

Stir your oil and beeswax mixture occasionally until the beeswax is melted. Remove jar from pot of water. Allow your mixture to sit until cool but still soft. (Keep checking it, as beeswax can cool and harden quickly.) Pour beeswax mixture into blender and blend on the lowest setting. Slowly add aloe vera mixture as you blend. Be sure to stop the blender periodically to scrape the sides with a spatula. Once your mixture reaches a creamy consistency, you’re done! Scoop into a shallow, clean glass or BPA-free plastic jar and tie with a pretty ribbon.