4 Sunburn Remedies for Children

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by | Updated: May 30th, 2017 | Read time: 2 minutes

Sunburns happen. We all try to do our best. Sometimes, even with a rigorous schedule for reapplying sunscreen and a great set of sun protective clothing, you can still miss a spot, lose track of time or your time outside might simply outlast your sunblock. Kids are particularly susceptible to not only sunburn but overheating as well. When these summertime mishaps occur, be prepared to ease the discomfort and keep your little one healthy by keeping a few simple and inexpensive remedies for sunburn on hand.

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Ice, ice baby

Sunburns can be terribly painful with sensations of burning, increased body temperature and sometimes even blistering. When this happens, it’s important to help keep your child cool without letting them get chilled. Keep a few damp sponges in the freezer. They are more mild in temperature than ice packs and wont drip all over, plus you can reuse them over and over. You can apply them to treat sunburn on the forehead, under the arms, behind the knees, and to patches of skin.

Aloe alternative

Though aloe vera gel is commonly used to soothe sunburn, many people find they have reactions or even an allergy to aloe vera. Coconut oil can be a safe and effective substitute to help hydrate and moisturize sunburnt areas. Yet, if there are blisters, you should seek medical attention before applying anything to the skin.

Sip for safety

Make sure your little one is well hydrated if they are sunburned, overheated or both. Give her small amounts of an electrolyte balanced fluid at regular intervals.

Cover lightly & keep watch

It can be miserable to try to sleep with a sunburn. Cover your child with a light-weight cotton sheet if they request a blanket but do not let them get too warm. Check on them often when they are sleeping to make sure their body temperature has not increased and they are able to be roused from sleep. Heat stroke is a dangerous possibility and one you want to watch for carefully.