4 Tips for Maintaining Your Weight Loss Success

by | Updated: December 2nd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

If you have ever gained weight, then lost weight, and then gained weight again, you know that maintaining your success often ranks as the biggest challenge. Here are some tips for keeping off the weight after you’ve won your battle of the bulge:

Keep the Weight Off

  • If you work in an office, fattening food can become a constant temptation. Birthday celebrations, free bagels on Monday, free doughnuts on Wednesdays and after-work Happy Hour on Fridays can quickly pile on the pounds. Plan ahead. Suggest adding a fresh fruit platter to the regularly scheduled events. For Happy Hour, order sparkling water and boost your popularity by volunteering to become the designated driver.
  • You love your family – but if your relatives celebrate every occasion with special meals, that love can turn into love handles!  BYOV (Bring Your Own Vegetables) to those family gatherings. Make that veggie platter special with treats such as Tillen Farms Pickled Crispy Asparagus.
  • Whether you travel for work or for fun, constantly straying from your home kitchen can cause you to stray from your diet as well.  Keep healthy options available. For example, if you regularly order salads in restaurants, ask to have it without salad dressing. Bring your own diet salad dressing in your purse, such as Walden Farms Ready To Serve Dressing Packets.
  • Beware of getting hungry when you’re extra-busy. With no time to prepare a meal, you can find it all too easy to head to a drive-through and a super-sized order of French fries. Have pre-packaged snacks available in your car, your office drawer and cupboards. For example, NuGo Nutrition Smarte Carb® Sugar Free Peanut Butter Crunch Bars have 20 grams of protein to keep you full but are less than 200 calories.