5 Dangers All Parents Should Be Aware of During Summer

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by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

When most of us think of summer we think of road trips, beach days, playing outside with the hose and the occasional visit with your cousins. But what often goes ignored is the disappointing reality that summertime is when the most unintentional injury related deaths occur in children. While most parents are aware of the risks for and ways to prevent drowning and sun-related illnesses like sunburn and heatstroke as well as the importance of wearing your seatbelt while riding in a car, there are several injuries that are more prominent during the summer which are often disregarded.

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1. Bug Bites

Mosquitos can carry West Nile Virus, ticks can carry Lyme Disease and any child can have an allergic reaction to various insect bites at any time. To protect your little one use a DEET-Free insect repellent to prevent bug bites and stings.

2. Lightning

The saying “as likely as getting stuck by lightning” has some merit, but to the hundred people who are killed every year by lightning, it’s not so funny. Make sure your kids are well-versed on how to seek shelter if a thunder storm rolls in while they’re outside playing.

3. Head injuries

Sure, we grew up biking, skating, skateboarding, and more without a helmet, but we were lucky we didn’t end up hurt. Let’s not leave our children’s health and safety to chance. Make sure your child always has proper safety equipment like helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads while participating in these activities.

4. Playground falls

If you’re going to the park, be sure to supervise your children at all times and double check the age and height requirements for the equipment. When it comes to summer safety and home play sets, be sure to have safety surfacing installed beneath your set to prevent injuries.

5. Poisoning

Plants, household cleaners, small batteries, insecticides and household gases are all common sources of poisoning. Younger children and babies are are higher risk for poisoning from household products, so be sure to childproof cabinets and keep products out of their reach. If your child comes into contact with or ingests any substance that may be hazardous call the National Poison Hotline at 1-800-222-1222.