5 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Elizabeth Marglin

by | Updated: October 13th, 2020 | Read time: 2 minutes

The season of giving doesn’t have to take a heavy toll on your wallet—or the environment. We are here to help you make sure your presents are keepers: gifts that keep you healthy and the planet sustainable. Here are Vitacost’s happiest eco-friendly gifts, many of them new to our site.Holiday Gift Ideas

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

New Wave Enviro Stainless Steel ContainerNew Wave Enviro Stainless Steel Container

Stainless steel food containers are too cool for school—they are even stylish enough for the office. And if you really want to be P.C, they make great doggy bag and take out containers from restaurants. Phthalate, BPA, and lead-free, stainless steel offers a truth-to-materials aesthetic that plastic alternatives lack. Plus, stainless steel is rugged: nothing withstands punishing daily use better than food grade stainless steel.

New Wave Enviro Premium Shower Filter

New Wave Enviro Premium Shower Filter

Get your DIY hat on and install a shower filter. It’s an inexpensive investment that takes chlorine out of the mix, improving the air quality along with your hair and skin. Chlorine is a gas, but is forced into liquid form for water purification. When water is sprayed into a shower, the chemical returns to its gaseous form so you end up breathing it in. Some studies suggest we absorb more chlorine in a shower than by drinking it. The New Wave filter fits all showers and comes with these three magic words: No plumbing required. (Done!) Your hair, skin, and carbon footprint will thank you.

NOW Foods Real Bamboo Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

NOW Foods Real Bamboo Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

Love the elegance of the bamboo casing—and the smell of the diffused essential oils puts Febreze to shame. Exult in this oil diffuser, which comes with several perks, such as an automatic shut off and a cinch to clean.

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Soy Candle Geranium

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Soy Candle Geranium

Soy candles are so worth it: they smell great while they are lit, plus when you put them out they don’t off gas. These Mrs. Meyers candles have a 35-hour burn time, which breaks down to roughly less than a quarter per hour. I’m a sucker for Mrs. Meyers scents—especially the geranium—they can take me to my happy place like no other fragrance.
EO Essential Oil Products EveryOne Soap For Men Cedar and Citrus

EO Essential Oil Products EveryOne Soap For Men (Cedar & Citrus)

What’s not to love about a natural plant based soap made with pure essential oils that can be used as soap, bubble bath, and shampoo? He won’t mind if you double dip—and it’s even gentle enough for the kids.