5 Meditation Tips for Moms

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by | Updated: December 2nd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Life is stressful. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. We are stretched too thin, over-scheduled, racing from work to afterschool-care pick up and straight to softball practice for your daughter where you are helping your son with his practice spelling test while checking your email. The stress and anxiety of it all can make you irritable, cranky, short-tempered and emotionally disconnected.

Meditation for Moms

But by incorporating meditation into your daily routine, you can retrain your brain to function in a more mindful state, where instead of stressing about the next thing on your To-Do list, you can actually stop and smell the softball field grass. Mediation isn’t a religious practice, it’s simply a healthy habit. Think of the brain as a muscle and meditation is the exercise you will do to keep it operating at peak performance levels. And just like exercise for your body reduces stress and anxiety and helps to combat depression, mediation does the same thing!

You can start your medication and mindfulness practice at home by following these five easy steps.

  1. Carve out a small piece of time where you can be alone in your room. Light a scented candle, incense, or prepare an aromatherapy room diffuser.
  2. Sit with your eyes closed, feet planted firmly on the ground and your back straight, or on the ground in a comfortable cross-legged position.
  3. Take note of your breathing, though you should not try to change your breathing pattern. Notice the rhythm, pace, and how the air feels moving through your lungs.
  4. As you focus on your breathing, your mind will bombard you with things to “remember,” “practice” and even get upset over. Allow those thoughts to come, do not get upset with yourself or chastise yourself for them, but acknowledge the thoughts and then return to the focus of your breathing.
  5. Practice this meditation for 10 minutes each day for the first week, increasing the length of your meditation sessions as you feel comfortable.

As cheesy as it sounds, there really is something deeply beneficial to finding a peaceful spot inside of yourself where you can set down the stress of being a mom and remember the beauty that is motherhood.