5 Steps to a Balanced Body

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Even if your health is not top priority, it shouldn’t get shuffled to the bottom of the deck. Remember that your body is your temple, and you only have one body and one life. That’s why  I urge you to take good care of it — from the inside out AND outside in! Though it can seem like a long, hard journey to find body balance in a rather un-balanced world, I promise you can get there in only five easy steps.  

5 Steps to a Balanced Body

We’ve talked about setting your priorities straight and making time for what’s most important in your life. Though family often tops the list, your health and wellbeing shouldn’t fall too far down the rankings.  Regular exercise, proper nutrition and a little pampering are the real fountain of youth. Remember: the body doesn’t lie. Take good care of it and any signs of aging will be nothing but a distant-blur.

1. Exercise early – By starting your day with a short 20- to 30-minute workout, you’ll be working with your natural biorhythms and boosting your metabolism for the rest of the day. Not a bad start, huh?

2. Eat more fiber – Adequate amounts of fiber will keep you fuller, longer, meaning you may naturally eat less without feeling deprived. If your diet is lacking, fiber supplements can help.

3. Enhance your overall health – Think you’re getting enough vitamin C from an apple a day? Not even close. You’d have to eat 10 apples a day to reach 100% Daily Value of vitamin C. Enter a daily multivitamin  that’s full of the vitamins and minerals you need, plus antioxidants to help keep you looking and feeling younger than ever. Though you should still eat plenty of fruits and vegetables at every meal, multis can fill in when you’re slacking (Thanksgiving, maybe?).

4. Energize, as needed – Some multivitamins are formulated for energy support. But when you really need a good kick in the butt, an energy-support supplement may be the way to go. A strong cup of coffee never hurt, either. Coffee has been shown to benefit skin, heart, brain health and much more!

5. Enjoy the zen – At the end of the day, your body deserves some TLC. You’ve exercised, refueled with the right nutrition and now it’s time to rest. Help your body move into repair mode by soaking in a hot bubble bath and treating yourself to a luxurious-feeling facial. When you look good, you feel great!