6 Ways to Enjoy Pure, Raw Cacao

Abigail Blank - The Upside Blog | Vitacost.com/blog

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Chocolate is good, no, make that great. Oh-so-decadent and delicious, it’s one of the little things in life that makes everything just a bit better. But if you’re allergic to milk or live a dairy-free lifestyle, much of the chocolate out there on the market is off limits. This, Bombshells, is a travesty. Not only are you missing out on the rich and sexy taste, but you’re going without the fabulous health benefits like stress reduction and cell-protecting antioxidants.

6 ways to Enjoy Pure CacaoFret no longer, my friends. I’d like you to meet my new bestie, cacao. Deep, dark, and tantalizing, this pure cacao superfood is all the pleasure with none of the pain.

But don’t get it twisted. Cacao is an entirely different thing from the average cocoa powder. Non-roasted, unsweetened, and free from any type of chemical treatments, cacao is chocolate– raw and uncensored.

You can get your cacao fix with Vitacost Super Cacao bars in coconut with DHA, mandarin orange with WellTrim iG, and lemon ginger with Wellmune WPG. Each bar is made of 66 percent dark cacao and completely dairy and gluten free. These bars are perfect for those times when you need a quick pick me up or if you have a major craving for chocolate in the middle of the day, like I do.

Whole Food Organic Cacao nibs, which come in regular and a chocolate-covered variety, are tasty little treasures packed full of perfection. Vegan, gluten-free, no trans fat, and non-GMO, it’s impossible to find a reason not to love them. A handful after your workout or a sprinkle on top of your chia seed pudding are a perfectly delightful way to indulge.

And for the purist, there’s Organic Cacao Powder. Smooth and flavorful, this certified organic non-GMO powder is great for baking or making desserts, stirring into Greek yogurt, or making smoothies. Unsweetened and free of artificial flavorings or preservatives, you can’t go wrong with this versatile pure cacao deliciousness.

Whatever your preference, bar, nib, or powder, this stuff is just too good to pass up for the true chocolate lover in us all.