6 Ways to Get Shiny Hair

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by | Updated: December 2nd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

If your locks are looking a little… lackluster, don’t fret! Dull hair doesn’t have to be a lifetime sentence. In fact, there are many different ways to restore and support head-turning, shiny hair – simply follow these 6 helpful tips!


6 Ways to Get Shiny Hair

Be gentle. Harsh, chemical-filled shampoos and treatments can strip away your hair’s natural oils, leaving it looking dull and damaged. Use gentle hair care products — I love JASON Super Shine Shampoo because it’s natural (no parabens or SLS) and is infused with apricot and jojoba oils for sleek shine and unbeatable softness.

Skip a day. Too much washing can weigh down your hair and put a damper on natural shine. Rather than lathering up daily, try washing your hair every 2 days and using dry shampoo in between. (You can easily make your own DIY dry shampoo, too!)

Turn the temperature down. There’s no need to shiver in an icy-cold shower, but using a burst of cold water to rinse your shampoo and conditioner can help calm frizz and lock in shine.

Style wisely. If your daily routine involves a blow dryer, straightening iron and tons of hair spray – it’s time to take it easy. Heat styling tools and heavy products can cause damage, dryness and buildup, all of which can take away from your hair’s natural sheen.

Use a serum. My secret shine weapon? Argan oil hair serum. Just a few drops of this Moroccan treasure can add lightweight, long-lasting luster and silky smooth shine.

Say hello to healthy fats. You are what you eat – and your hair reflects that, too! There are plenty of foods that can help you keep those locks looking glossy. Some of my favorite shine-supporting foods include avocado, walnuts and salmon.