7 Tasty Ways to Stop Stress

Abigail Blank - The Upside Blog | Vitacost.com/blog

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Chocolate is a serious weakness of mine. It’s a little scary how a small square of that indulgent, rich deliciousness can change my entire mood. Turns out, I’m not crazy, there’s actually a physiological reason (I KNOW, I was relieved, too!), as recent studies have found that eating dark chocolate in moderate amounts reduces cortisol and catecholamines, the hormones related to stress and anxiety.

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But before you run out and gorge yourself on double fudge brownies, the real benefits are found in the darkest chocolate, meaning 65 percent or higher cocoa content. Treat yourself to a piece of Green and Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate made with 70% cocoa.   Or, for the true chocolate purist, Endangered Species Dark Chocolate is gluten free and contains 88 percent pure cocoa.

You can have your mood-boosting treats on the go, too, by keeping Sweetriot Dark Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs in your bag. Pop one or two whenever you get a craving and keep that sweet tooth at bay. Practically guilty-free and good for you too,  these bite-sized bits of espresso and 70 percent dark chocolate have only a single calorie per piece.

If you’re looking for a healthier, natural version of your favorite childhood candy, Justin’s Organics makes peanut butter cups covered in organic, fair-trade dark chocolate. Or you can keep your pantry stocked with Super Cacao bars.  Available in three varieties featuring health boosters, Coconut with life’sDHA, Mandarin Orange with WellTrimiG, and Lemon Ginger with WellmuneWGP, you can totally rationalize chocolate as part of your daily supplement regimen.

Now that we’ve established the undeniable health benefits of dark chocolate, go forth, Bombshells, and enjoy the decadent pleasure of cacao without regret.