All About ACURE: Better for You, Our Community & the Planet


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ACURE is more than just a personal care brand. Sure, their 100-percent vegan and certified cruelty-free selection of hair and body care products are certainly enough to obsess over. But it’s the people and their mission behind the bottle that separates ACURE from the rest.

Acure Skin Care Products

The ACURE team takes great pride in formulating super-effective combinations of nutrients and plant-derived ingredients to create powerful products that keep skin and hair performing at its best. Though addition to that, they believe that every one of us can make an enormous, positive impact on the world. It starts with small changes, particularly when it comes to choosing products we use daily, the purchases we make and the way we approach each day. Because of this, ACURE not only creates plant-based, non-toxic formulas, but they also maintain partnerships to further support the health of the planet and our community. Here’s how.

Unite for HER

Unite for HER is a nonprofit organization for breast and ovarian cancer patients and survivors, working to bridge the gap between traditional medical treatments and wellness initiatives (such as nutrition, yoga and acupuncture) that positively impact health. To support Unite for HER, ACURE donates a portion of the proceeds from each Brightening Day Cream and Brightening Night Cream purchase, as well as providing ongoing support throughout the year.

Turning Green

Turning Green is a global, student-led organization that works tirelessly to cultivate a healthy and thriving planet by educating and promoting advocacy on sustainable and socially responsible choices. Turning Green regularly tours college campuses throughout the U.S. to educate upcoming generations on the importance of making sustainable decisions that boost our planet’s health.


Recently, ACURE also forged a partnership with Terracycle to ensure all components of ACURE packaging are recyclable including the often non-recyclable pieces such as pumps, springs and secondary plastic packaging. To participate in Terracycle’s recycling program it’s simple! Visit, create an account, gather all of your ACURE packaging and print out a prepaid shipping label. Drop your package in the mail to ship to Terracycle to be recycled and repurposed.

Collections made with you in mind

Personalized skin care

When it comes to skin care, ACURE offers solutions for every product concern. Seven different product collections allow the user to customize solutions for every need, whether mixing and matching across collection or simply staying within one product collection.

The Brightening collection combats dull, lackluster complexions, working to boost skin’s radiance and glow. The Seriously Soothing collection calms and soothes sensitive and reactive skin types while the Radically Rejuvenating products target anti-aging and work to minimize signs of aging while rejuvenating and refreshing. The Incredibly Clear line is formulated specifically for oily and acne-prone skin types. The Essentials category is comprised of multi-benefit oils that can be added to any daily skincare regimen.

In addition to these five categories, ACURE also recently launched the Ultra Hydrating and Resurfacing collections. These two collections fulfill spaces within the clean beauty category, offering targeted results for specific skincare concerns. The Ultra Hydrating collection utilizes adaptogens and replenishing oils that work together to combat the effects of stress on skin.

Stressed, overworked skin is often depleted and in need of vital nutrients and replenishing ingredients, which the Ultra Hydrating collection is full of. Adaptogens such as ashwagandha, reishi and cordyceps work to minimize the effects of stress on skin, revitalize and refresh.

Hemp, avocado and sweet almond oils replenish and nourish with essential fatty acids in addition to calming and soothing and supporting skin’s moisture barrier. The Ultra Hydrating collection offers a refreshing Green Juice Cleanser as well as daily moisturizers, eye cream and a new Facial Gel Cream, which offers an oil-free option for those with parched skin that may be easily prone to breakouts or reside in a hot, humid climate.

The products within the Resurfacing collection offer lightweight moisture while targeting concerns of hyperpigmentation, sun damage and uneven texture and tone. With refining glycolic and lactic acids, the Resurfacing products gently remove dead skin cells, soften and perfect.  The Resurfacing Dewy All Day and Overnight Glycolic Treatment are daily moisturizers for brightening and evening skin tone and texture. Both incorporate glycolic and lactic acids that exfoliate while hemp seed oil replenishes moisture. A Shimmer Serum and weekly Peel Pads are also part of the Resurfacing collection, offering options that can be integrated into a skincare regimen and used in tandem with other daily treatments.

Personalized bath & body care

In addition to skincare, ACURE also offers a variety of hair care products to address a number of hair concerns including preserving color treatments, reducing frizz and working to build volume.  Body care products include body scrubs and body lotions as well as both aluminum- and baking-soda-free deodorant options.

All ACURE products are entirely vegan with no animal by-products as well as certified cruelty-free and free of parabens, sulfates, petroleum, mineral oil, paraffin and formaldehyde – all to uplift the way you feel and fuel a beautiful, flourishing planet!