Everything You Need for Glowing Skin That Lasts All Day

by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

What do you women want? It’s really not that complicated. Women want to eat chocolate and chips without gaining weight and look naturally flawless 24/7. Unfortunately, food still has calories. But there’s still hope for creating a complexion that glows all day long. You’ll need a few very purposeful tools in your beauty arsenal. But in the end, you’ll be putting your best face forward.

Here’s your checklist for radiant-looking skin that lasts as long as you do:

  • Hyaluronic acid-enriched hydrating mist nourishes and smooths skin so it’s ready for makeup
  • Color-correcting makeup primer tones down redness – a must for sensitive skin
  • Sheer mineral foundation is light enough to layer but substantial enough to cover everything
  • Illuminating liquid you can mix with your moisturizer or foundation for extra glow from within
  • Organic, water-based concealer should go under the eyes to disguise any dark circles or imperfections
  • Customizable cream concealer is a little heavier, which makes it perfect for covering up blemishes
  • Naturally sheer powder helps set the concealer in place and offer that natural finish you want
  • Radiant finishing powder wakes up complexion – I apply to cheek bones, down my neck and around my jawline
  • Highlighting powder infused with coconut water gives a natural glow that isn’t too intense
  • Lip tint that’s close to your natural color, so the rest of your face can really shine through
  • Makeup setting spray helps keep everything in place all day, plus it prevents any cakey-ness so skin looks smooth and flawless!