Are Household Cleaners Hurting Your Health?

Abigail Blank - The Upside Blog |

by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Those of you that, like me, grew up during the era of packaged drink powders and pine-fresh household cleaners have probably been stuck with some pretty misinformed notions about what it means to have a clean house. Even to this day, there is a huge push in the media to convince you that your home, where the same people live day in and day out, is essentially a cesspool of filth that needs to be treated with harsh household cleaners that include a variety of chemical-based “fragrances” and even harsh, toxic chemicals.

Breathe Easy With Natural Cleaning Products

Listen carefully: It’s not true.

In fact, the Environmental Working Group has found that the chemicals in modern-day household cleaners linger in your home and contribute to decreased air quality, often making the air inside your home more polluted than the air outside. Chew on that for a minute…

But don’t freak out, there is a happy medium. As we’ve learned more and more about the toxic chemicals in the products in our homes, there has been a distinct move in the market to provide safer, non-toxic, plant-based householders.

The Clean Collection has managed to marry the delicious scents that we’ve come to associate with cleanliness with the powerful effectiveness of plant-based cleaning solutions for a home that is really clean. You name it, they have it. From dish soap to glass cleaner to toilet bowl cleaner and everything in between, each product has been formulated free from harsh chemicals, with non-toxic plant based ingredients that are safe for your family and environmentally friendly.

Now, instead of cleaning up bread crumbs on your kitchen counter and leaving behind a trail of chemicals that are a threat to your health and well-being, you can clean safely and thoroughly, having the peace of mind that you’re doing what’s best for your family as well as the planet. It’s as simple as swapping out your old cleaning supplies filled with toxic chemicals for new safe and effective options that will leave your house clean…for real.