Are Perfect Pores Possible?

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Q: What can I do to improve the look of my pores?

MyChelle Dermaceuticals licensed esthetician Catie Wiggy responds:

The small “holes” you see on the surface of your skin, called pores, are actually hair follicle openings. Each pore contains a gland which produces the skin’s oil, or sebum. When these glands are bigger, pores tend to be more noticeable.

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While pore size is genetically determined, oilier skin tends to come with larger-looking pores, while drier skin has pores that are barely noticeable. Several other influences can affect pore size. Dead and dry skin cells can trap sebum, causing blemishes and ultimately stretching out pores. Picking or squeezing blemishes can cause additional damage to the skin and can permanently damage pores.

To minimize the appearance of pores, gently exfoliate with MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Scrub, which has dual skin polishers and dissolving enzymes to quickly exfoliate dead skin cell build-up and unwanted debris in pores. Super-smooth jojoba beads and refined bamboo stem powder gently polish the skin without irritating or tearing the surface. Fruit enzymes further dissolve away dulling residue for ultra-smooth, ultra-soft skin.

To keep your pores looking their best I recommend using MyChelle Vitamin A Plus Serum at night to improve the texture of rough, dull and congested skin. Retinol and naturally-derived Vit-A-Likeâ„¢ work together to resurface skin, clearing pore blockage and minimizing the appearance of fine lines. Argan oil, naturally high in vitamin E, and essential fatty acids work to balance sebum production.

The main thing to remember when it comes to your pores is to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate””these essential basics will keep your skin looking beautiful!