Attack of the Craving Killers!


by | Updated: December 2nd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Some people crave salty foods, while others have a sweet tooth. Me? I kind of have both. Just whisper the words “salted caramel” and I’ll start drooling. Eating clean and regular exercise tames the intensity of these cravings…there was a time, before my weight loss journey, when I’d think, “I probably shouldn’t eat those French fries,” and then promptly devour an entire plate full. I can’t say I do that anymore, but every now and then, the junk food does win. And then I feel awful. So I was glad to catch an episode of my favorite TV health show discussing how certain spices can actually stop those cravings dead in their tracks!

Curb Cravings with Spices
Try seasoning your favorite foods with exotic and healthy turmeric instead of salt.


Tell salt to kiss off

Cook with turmeric instead of salt—not only will this savory spice make you forget about your cravings for salt, but over time this spice will numb your susceptibility to sodium’s sexy charms, the doc explained. I love turmeric so this is an easy trade-off for me. It’s really good sprinkled with black pepper over sliced, sautéed jicama!

Tell sweets to beat it

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, try the spice cardamom. You can sprinkle it over hot cereal or even toast in the morning and should have an easier time saying no to the break room donuts during your morning coffee break. You can also try sipping cardamom tea all day long.

Kick carbs to the curb

There’s a difference between craving something really sweet—like jelly beans—and just wanting to sink your teeth into something warm and doughy. If your weakness is the basket of hot rolls they place oh-so-temptingly in front of you at restaurants, cloves might be your new secret weapon. You do need to begin your day with cloves to enjoy their full effect, according to the doctor. This recipe for Whole Grain & Seed Cinnamon Spice Bread bakes up really nicely and it’s chock full of cloves. (Sprinkle a little extra on the bread when it’s out of the oven for added measure.)