Allison Kuhn

Though everyone “eats to live,” I believe eating is so much more than that! It’s a chance to share conversation, laughter and new experiences with one another. I started my education in culinary school, where I learned how to make rich, French food (with plenty of butter!). Today, as a dietitian, I love to take those luxurious recipes and transform them by adding fruits, vegetables and other healthy substitutions, all while keeping the rich flavors. By using the science of food and cooking, any fresh food can become the star of your plate. Outside of the kitchen, I'm passionate about health research and evidence-based nutrition practice. With hundreds of articles published each day, it’s important for dietitians to help sort through the science and keep the public informed of major findings and recommendations. As a full-time dietitian and part-time grad student, I know that healthy eating can feel like a challenge, but I’m here to help! Look for my hashtags, #KrogerRDAllison,#healthygourmet and #foodnerd to stay updated on my favorite content.