DIY Oatmeal Bath for Dry Skin

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

The cold, dry air of winter can wreak havoc on your skin. Adding insult to injury, the things you use every day like shower gel, scented lotion and fleece tights may actually make your itchy, irritated, incensed skin even worse. But don’t despair! With just a few simple ingredients, you can make your own soothing bath soak to fight off this cold weather conundrum.

DIY Oatmeal Bath

It’s not just an old wives’ tale, oatmeal baths have a scientific reason for soothing your skin. Whether you choose quick oats or old fashioned, the polysaccharides present in oatmeal take on a jelly-like quality when added to water. This gelatinous film actually moisturizes and protects your skin.

Pairing the moisturizing benefits of oatmeal with the calming and soothing effects of chamomile flowers makes for even more healing elements for your skin; not to mention upping the luxuriousness factor about a billion times. Simply take 1 cup oatmeal and 1/4 cup chamomile flowers, run them through your food processor or a coffee grinder, aiming for the finest pieces possible, and then sprinkle into a very warm (not hot) bath. Be sure to stir a bit, just with your hands, to ensure the mixture is evenly dispersed and doesn’t settle in one clump at the bottom of your tub.

While it may be tempting to add bath salts or deliciously scented essential oils to the tub, when your skin is suffering it’s best not to risk irritating it further. Save the fancy stuff for another night and focus on healing for today. And be sure to gently pat yourself dry, allowing the protective benefits of the oatmeal to remain on your skin.

You can treat yourself to a homemade chamomile oatmeal bath as often as you need, be that once a week or every day. It’s even safe for the littlest of wee ones. This is healthy skin care the whole family can enjoy. In fact, maybe you should start a bath tub sign up list now before things get out of hand.