Beach-Friendly Snack Ideas for the Whole Family

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Whether you grew up just a few miles from the sea and sand or enjoy the beach’s brilliance on holidays, there’s something about the ocean air that makes eating inevitable. My brother and I viewed snacks by the surf, in fact, as a required element in trips to the beach (sort of like sand in your swimsuit but much more fun!).

Beach-Friendly Snacks for the Whole Family

The problem with most snacks available at beach-side cafes, food bars and convenience stores: They’re high in calories, sugar, white flour and saturated fats, all of which belong on the “red light” list for a healthy diet! The solution: Stock up on family-pleasing treats before you head out to enjoy the sun, surf and sand.

This summer, we recommend these swaps for common beach snacks:

  • Just say no to hot dogs and hamburgers, which typically are fried in fat and topped with condiments containing more fat. Instead, enjoy nitrate-free, all natural Golden Valley Turkey Jerky. If  you have a cooler, pack low-fat string cheese, which are great treats for kids.
  • We’ve all seen (and been tempted by) stores selling freshly baked cookies as big as a baby’s head. They’re made with white  flour, white sugar, excessive amounts of margarine and, as a result, contain more calories than your body needs for a “snack!” Pack healthy cookies, such as Newman’s Own Organics Fig Newmans or munch on nutritious snack bars, like KIND bars.
  • Taking fresh fruit is great. But the problem with kids: A tendency to take one bite, then put it down, where that expensive  organic pear attracts bees, ants, wasps and whimpers of “Mom, Dad,  help!” Instead, try creating mini snack bags of nuts, seeds and dried  fruit. A favorite for every member of the family: Trail mix, such as Trail Mix.
  • Cut-up carrots, celery and cucumbers, along with  tiny tomatoes, make great beach snacks. To replace the usual creamy dips  that have to be refrigerated, try salsa, such as Green Mountain Gringo  Mild Salsa.
  • Did someone say soda? Try Zevia, which has no calories or artificial sweeteners but delicious flavors like Grapefruit  Citrus. Also perfect to take to the beach: Zero-calorie Steaz Green Tea in flavors  such as peach mango.
  • We know it’s called salt water taffy — but that  doesn’t mean it’s required nibbling when you’re by the sea! Skip that sticky sweet stuff and substitute sugar-free chocolate bars, such as NuGo Nutrition Smarte Carb ® Sugar Free Bars in flavors such as  chocolate cherry.