Why are People Hanging Eucalyptus in the Shower?

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At the end of a challenging day, nothing sounds better than a long, hot, luxurious bath – especially if it includes a great book. But, not every day ends with enough time to have a bath, and not every home comes with a tub.

Dried Eucalyptus Bundle Tied to Shower Head | Vitacost.com/Blog

The good news? With a little finesse, your shower can be just as relaxing and therapeutic as a bath… but you will have a harder time keeping your book dry – we suggest opting for an audio book!

If you’re looking to turn your shower routine into an at-home sauna treatment, look no further than the eucalyptus shower trend.

Along with infusing your bathroom with the heavenly scent of earth and menthol, a eucalyptus shower promises to unravel stress, alleviate pain, and even boost respiratory health.

What is a eucalyptus shower?

A popular wellness trend, a eucalyptus shower brings together the relaxing scent and herbal properties of eucalyptus, with the steamy goodness of a shower to create a sauna-spa experience in even the smallest of bathrooms.

To do this, all you need to do is add a bouquet of eucalyptus sprigs to your shower. Then, when you turn on that hot water and hot steam begins to rise, it gently opens up the plant, releasing its essential oils into the air, which allows you to benefit from its potent healing properties.

Benefits of eucalyptus in the shower

As photogenic as this trend is, the benefits go beyond a beautiful social media post! Not only does it offer a spa-like experience at home, but hanging eucalyptus in your shower seems to promote a number of major health benefits such as:

Plus, since adding greenery is a beautiful addition to any space, a eucalyptus “bath bouquet” is sure to lift your spirits each time you step into your shower.

While just about everyone can benefit from a good eucalyptus-infused shower year-round, it really starts to shine when the colder weather hits.

Not only is it the perfect way to warm up on a particularly cold, dreary day, but a eucalyptus shower also makes a great cold and flu remedy. It will help break up phlegm and mucus while it relaxes and alleviates those aches and pains – naturally.

Where to buy fresh eucalyptus

Since the eucalyptus plant is native to Australia, you likely won’t find it growing wild in your backyard (unless you live there). However, because of its popularity, fresh eucalyptus is still abundant in North America – you just need to know where to look!

You can typically find fresh eucalyptus at your local florist, plant shop or in the flower section of the grocery store. And, if all else fails, you can purchase eucalyptus online.

How to hang eucalyptus in the shower

It’s not difficult to create your own eucalyptus shower, but it always helps to have a guide so you know it will be a refreshing experience and not a mundane chore.

What you’ll need:

  • Three fresh eucalyptus sprigs (you don’t need a ton as a little goes a long way)
  • Rubber band and ribbon/natural twine


  1. Cut eucalyptus sprigs to about a similar length.
  2. Gather sprigs and secure stems together with rubber band.
  3. Tie bouquet somewhere close to the showerhead (taking care to keep it out of the water stream).
  4. Turn on shower and enjoy your home spa experience.

How long does eucalyptus last in the shower?

Your eucalyptus bouquet should last for a couple of months before you need to replace it. And, when the scent begins to fade, you can even add a drop or two of eucalyptus essential oil to revive those sprigs a little while longer.

If you love the added sensory experience during your shower, you don’t have to stop at eucalyptus. Try adding your favorite fresh herbs (like lavender) to your bouquet to infuse some other scents and of course, their essential oil benefits!

Is eucalyptus safe for animals?

If you have pets at home, make sure they’re far away from the bathroom during and after your shower as inhaling or ingesting eucalyptus can be toxic to animals. If you’re concerned, it may be best to avoid this wellness trend altogether in order to keep your furry friends as safe as possible.

Keep in mind…

As always, you should always do a trial with any new health trend before you dive deeply into it. If you suffer from skin or scent sensitivities – be cautious about adding eucalyptus sprigs to your shower. Try a test with just one sprig and if you don’t react, then experiment with more.