Detangling Tips for All Hair Types – And the Best Products to Try

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We invest a lot of effort into keeping our hair healthy and looking its best. We eat nutritious foods to supply it with important vitamins and minerals. We visit salons for regular trims. Some of us even take a hair-supporting supplement to boost growth, luster and shine.

But when you brush your hair after washing it, that comb keeps catching – hampering your quest to smooth out those lovely locks. Not only do tangles stall out your routine and cause you pain and discomfort, they’re also (take a deep breath!) ripping out, breaking and damaging your hair.

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How does detangler work?

Hair detanglers are a type of conditioner that coats strands with an oil or ‘polymer’ to smooth out the hair shaft and lock in hydration.

Some detanglers even acidify the hair’s structure, tightening up and smoothing out the scales on the cuticle (outer surface), then arming each strand with a static-preventing positive electrical charge (think of it like a toner tightening pores in your skincare routine).

The best way to untangle hair

Whether your hair is long or short, dyed or au naturel, hair detanglers will help you achieve healthier –  happier – tangle-free locks in no time.

But first, here are some helpful detangling tips for your hair:

Detangle while wet: Wet hair is easier to detangle, and since you’re trying to moisturize and lock-in hydration, wetting your hair is a natural first step. Also, hair detanglers typically work better when hair is wet.

Start with the ends: Detangling is most difficult if you start at the roots. Instead, begin by gently working out tangles from the ends. Starting with the hard part (i.e.: the most tangled part) can help to reduce breakage overall.

Use your fingers if a tangle is especially – well, tangled: Instead of hacking away at a knot with your brush (which can cause serious breakage), use your fingers to gently work at nastier tangles before you try to comb.

Invest in a detangling brush: The right brushes will help preserve hair structure, so arm yourself with an arsenal of items like a wide-toothed comb and a wet brush (especially useful for those with thick hair).

Schedule in regular trims: As much as we’d like to keep growing, sometimes the best way to rid yourself of constant tangling is to get a quick snip at the salon. This removes split ends (which can cause tangles and lead to breakage) and makes way for healthy new hair growth.

Detangling different types of hair

Fine Hair

As fine as that soft and silky fine hair is, it can be hard to keep it volumized yet not looking greasy. That means lightweight is best when it comes to detanglers for fine hair. When applying a detangler, make sure to avoid your roots so you don’t end up with a greasy-hair look.

–> Try The Honest Company Honest Conditioning Detangler Sweet Orange Vanilla

The Honest Company Honest Conditioning Detangler Sweet Orange Vanilla | Hair

Everyone seems to want it but you! Thick hair can feel like a blessing and a curse, as it’s hard to manage despite its glorious look. You’ll want to use a deeply nourishing detangler with strengthening ingredients like keratin or coconut oil. For an all-natural, ultra-hydrating at-home hair detangler, scoop out some coconut oil and apply it to the ends of your hair!

–> Try Vitacost Certified Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil

Vitacost Certified Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil | Hair

Those bouncy curls are taking you places, but they’re also at-risk to freak out and frizz out along the way. Much like thick hair, the trick to avoid that ‘electrified look’ is to pack in the moisture, which will keep those locks shiny and oh-so-smooth.

–> Try SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Moisturizing Detangler

SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Moisturizing Detangler | Hair

So it’s happened – your hair’s copped an attitude, and it needs a ‘smartening up.’ Applying a leave-in serum enriched with shea butter will help to calm frizz down, replenishing hydration and strengthening the overall structure of your hair.

–>  Andalou Naturals Moisture Rich Leave-In Conditioner Argan Oil & Shea

Andalou Naturals Moisture Rich Leave-In Conditioner Argan Oil & Shea | Hair

To keep your color rich and vibrant, a leave-in conditioner needs to do two things: restore moisture and seal-in color. Look for ingredients that will shield your hair from color fade (like pomegranate and rosehip oils), as well as offer continuous moisture.

–> Try Andalou Naturals Color Care 1000 Roses® Leave-In Conditioner

Andalou Naturals Color Care 1000 Roses® Leave-In Conditioner | (and overly-processed) Hair

The three key steps here are hydration, hydration – and more hydration! Heat-treated/processed hair is in dire need of moisture, and that’s why you need a leave-in conditioner that protects from heat damage, restores moisture – and seals in every drop.

–> Try Giovanni 2chic® Ultra-Luxurious Leave-In Conditioning & Styling Elixir with Cherry Blossom & Rose Petals

Giovanni 2chic® Ultra-Luxurious Leave-In Conditioning & Styling Elixir with Cherry Blossom & Rose Petals | Hair

You’ve maintained beautiful, product-free hair, and it shows. But sometimes, even the most natural hair could use a hand in keeping up with hydration and strength, especially if you live in a climate where the temperature swings like a pendulum (which can wreak havoc on hair)!

–> Try Simple Truth® Hair Detangler

Simple Truth® Hair Detangler | Hair

From pixies to bobs, short hair is a ton of fun! However, just because you’ve lopped it all off, doesn’t mean those tangles won’t find you. With a light and easy spray detangler, you can stay light on products to maintain the volume and smoothness of your short and sassy hair.

–> Try Earthly Body Hemp Seed Leave-In Conditioner & Detangler

Earthly Body Hemp Seed Leave In Conditioner & Detangler | Hair

For long, glorious mane, you need an all-around detangler with all the attributes of a good leave-in conditioner. It should strengthen, fortify and protect your hair from frizz and heat-damage while smoothing out tangles with ultra hydration.

–> Try Aubrey Chia Detangler

Aubrey Chia Detangler |