Bone Broth: The Basics & The Benefits

by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

Much like nut butters and cauliflower (it’s the new kale!), bone broth has been getting a lot of attention lately. But why has this centuries-old diet staple stolen the spotlight from steaming hot mugs of green tea and (gasp) coffee? Let’s get straight to the heart—or should we say marrow?—of the matter.

The Basics & Benefits of Bone Broth

First, let’s bone up on the terminology

Broth, stock and bone broth Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they are different animals (pun intended). All three contain the same basic foundation: water, meat and/or bones, veggies and seasonings (a.k.a., aromatics, for all you foodies out there). And all three are prepared by heating the mixture and then straining to remove the solids. However, the difference between these nourishing liquid preparations lies in the bone-to-meat ratio and cooking times.

Broth: Usually made with meat and a small amount of bones, broth is typically simmered for 45 minutes to two hours.

Stock: Generally made with bones and a small amount of meat, stock is usually simmered for three to four hours.

Bone Broth: Like stock, bone broth is made with bones and may contain a bit of meat. However, bone broth is typically simmered for at least—and often longer then—24 hours. This allows sufficient time for all of the valuable nutrients to leach from the bones.

Why everyone’s going wild for bone broth

There’s an old South American proverb that says “Good broth resurrects the dead.” And although bone broth dates back to ancient times, you likely only have to look back a generation or two (e.g., your mother or grandmother serving up a bowl of good, old fashioned chicken noodle soup to “cure all that ails you”) to see that this belief is still widely held.

Typically made from chicken or turkey, bone broth is heralded for its robust flavor and naturally occurring protein. Broth lovers also attribute a host of health benefits to the liquid, which contains nutrients such as gelatin, collagen and amino acids. Plus, it’s tasty.

Does the thought of preparing broth make you bone weary?

Don’t have the time or desire to make your own bone broth? Not to worry! You can indulge in a mug (that’s how the popular liquid is typically sipped) at a restaurant that’s in the know, or you can pick up a carton of pre-made broth, which offers all of the rich taste and benefits without any of the work and waiting. Here are two types to consider:

  • Pacific Natural Foods Organic Chicken Bone Broth. This fat-free, gluten-free, traditional sipping broth is made with organic chicken, onions and rosemary. The fragrant, flavorful liquid has only 35 calories and boasts nine generous grams of protein per serving!
  • Pacific Natural Foods Organic Turkey Bone Broth with Rosemary, Sage & Thyme. Organic turkey bones are simmered with onion, savory herbs and a pinch of sea salt to produce this delicious, fat-free, gluten-free sipping broth. Like the Pacific Natural Foods Organic Chicken Broth, this tasty turkey broth weighs in at 35 calories and a whopping nine grams of naturally occurring protein per satisfying serving.