Bug Off, Baby! Top 5 Natural Bug Repellents for Babies & Kids

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 1 minute

Your baby is so sweet, you just want to gobble him up. Unfortunately, the mosquitos, ants and other flying pests all tend to agree. Seeing an ugly red bug bite on your little one’s skin might make you want to douse DEET on anything with wings, but remember that these chemicals can be toxic not only to little buggers but to little babies as well.

Natural Insect Repellent for Babies


Fortunately, there are many natural, safe products that repel bugs that are totally safe for infants, children, pregnant women—and even the family pets. Here are our top 5 picks.

Jason Quit Bugging Me!

Jason Quit Bugging Me! Natural Insect Spray—No PABA, no DEET, no parabens, no problem. This product shoos away flies, gnats, mosquitos and horseflies.

California Baby Natural Bug Blend

California Baby Bug Blend Natural Bug Repellent Spray—Repels fleas, mosquitoes, ticks and biting flies, using a blend of citronella, lemongrass and cedar (it smells great!)

Badger Anti-Bug Balm

Badger Organic Anti Bug Balm—This rub-in beeswax balm has a thick, soothing texture and contains certified organic oils to repel bugs without damaging people, pets or the environment.

EcoSmart Organic

EcoSmart Organic  Insect Repellent—This DEET-free spray comes in a light, pleasant scent and keeps away gnats, mosquitoes, ticks and other critters. It’s made from organic plant oils, not chemicals.

Lafes Natural Organic Insect Repellent

Lafe’s Natural and Organic Baby Insect Repellent—Free of parabens, propylene glycol, pesticides, SLS, this baby- and kid-safe product can be used even during extensive outdoor adventures—so don’t let bugs keep you and your kids off the hiking trails this summer!