Care for Your Hair Naturally, All Summer Long

by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

Your mane is a main focus during the harsh, dry winter months when wind, static and frigid temps can leave your locks parched and frazzled. But your hair needs love during the summer, too, when exposure to heat, chlorine and even saltwater can cause dramatic damage.

Care for Hair Naturally All Summer LongYou probably switch up the other elements of your beauty routine (e.g., skin care, cosmetics) when spring makes its graceful exit. But it’s also important to modify your hair care regimen. Here are some of our top tips to keep your tresses looking and feeling healthy and vibrant all summer long.

Call the salon.
Timing is everything. Get a trim just before or at the beginning of the summer. The sun will wreak extra havoc on hair that’s already dry, so bid those split ends adieu asap!

Dye softly.

You don’t have to put your color on hold during the summer. Just be sure to choose a product that’s gentle on hair and free of harmful chemicals, like ammonia, parabens, heavy metals and formaldehyde derivatives. Naturtint Permament Hair Color , which contains active plant-based ingredients, is a great choice!

Shampoo wisely.
After a long day in the sun, pool or ocean, you need a shampoo that that will soothe, smooth and nourish brittle hair, like Jason Smoothing Sea Kelp Shampoo . Packed with vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals—and enriched with ginseng root, kukui nut oil and sea kelp—this gentle product rehydrates all hair types without leaving behind a heavy residue.

Comb on already!
Hair is most susceptible to breakage when it’s wet, which means that a simple, unassuming brush can actually be its worst enemy. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to gently untangle your damp locks.

Turn down the heat.
You don’t have to ditch your blow dryer and flat iron this summer. Just give them a periodic rest. Letting your hair air dry at least a few times a week will help counteract its exposure to heat, chlorine and other potentially damaging elements. Plus, it’s hip to go au naturel

Let loose.

Keep it easy and breezy this summer with a loose braid or, better yet, a free-flowing mane. Tight hairstyles—and those involving tons of clips—can pull and tear your hair, especially if it’s already a little scorched from the summer sun. If you’re starting to notice breakage and/or thinning, consider a treatment like Andalou Naturals Age Defying intensive Scalp Treatment with Argan Stem Cells , which helps to renew, repair and regenerate all hair types.

Spray the right way.
To help secure your summer style, choose a spray that won’t dehydrate your hair or promote breakage, like Giavanni L.A. Hold Hair Spritz . This non-sticky spray boasts a unique blend of organic oils, vitamins and nutrients to help ensure strength, shine and an all-day hold you can count on.

Hold onto your hat.
It’s one of the top accessories of the season! Whether you choose a straw hat, a ball cap or even a scarf, covering your head when you head outdoors for prolonged periods is a must during summer. Your favorite headwear can help prevent hair color from fading and protect your locks from damage by wind and UV rays. It can even help your scalp retain its moisture!