Caring for Your Skin During That Time of the Month

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

Early on, girls learn the powers of hormones and that part of being a healthy woman is having a menstrual cycle. But, boy, that monthly visitor can really throw us out of whack! Everything from sleep patterns to emotional stability can seem off, and for many women, breakouts, dryness and skin sensitivities are common period partners. Here’s a rundown of some additional ways your skin can be affected by your cycle–and what you can do about it.

Caring for Your Skin During That Time of the Month



Guess what? The majority of women get a blemish about a week before their period starts. That’s right, majority—you’re not alone after all. For some, it’s a minor pimple, while others experience full-on acne flare ups. The reason for these breakouts is truly hormonal. Our bodies are constantly fluctuating with levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone (the predominant male hormone that’s made in smaller quantities by women). Before and during menstruation, our testosterone levels become slightly elevated, which can wreak havoc skin. Increased testosterone can cause a surge in oil production from the sebaceous glands, leading to an oilier surface, growth of bacteria and blemishes.

Keep your skin in a balanced healthy state all month by incorporating vitamin A into your nightly routine. Vitamin A – which is excellent for working into the deep layers of your skin – can help minimize breakouts, increase collagen support and improve the overall health of the skin. At night, try applying MyChelle Remarkable Retinal Serum, which contains a powerhouse form of vitamin A called retinal. Retinal is is less irritating, completely stable and more effective than its alternative counterparts. The serum combines retinal with orange plant stem cells and Ceramide 3 to increase cell turnover, reduce blemishes and support skin’s elasticity for a silky and smooth feel.*


At the end of the day you may feel like your skin is tight, dry and visibly flaking off, with a pimple or two to boot. During menstruation, levels of estrogen are low, which can cause dehydration in the skin. Increase your internal water intake and also boost your topical moisturizing process during your period.

You can also try adding MyChelle Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum into your morning and evening routine. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that surges water deep into the skin, improving pliability and plumping to address fine lines. It also helps to maintain healthy hydration levels and prevents transepidermal water loss.* Follow up by applying a reparative, rich moisturizer like the Deep Repair Cream. For your body, try slathering on organic coconut oil with a few drops of lavender essential oil to help boost skin hydration while calming and relaxing your mood.


With hormonal fluctuations taking place, skin can become hyper-sensitive. If you’re already a sensitive skin type, you may feel like your skin is a delicate mess around that time of the month. Keep your regimen simple and stay away from heavy scented items and overly active products.

Give your skin a little TLC by applying the Hydrating Cactus Mask a couple of times weekly before, during and after your period to soften, soothe and maintain hydrating moisture all month long. Skin protecting and antioxidant-rich prickly pear cactus combines with soothing blue agave to ease discomfort and signs of redness while deeply hydrating and preventing moisture loss. Protection is further enhanced with smithsonite and malachite stone extracts to shield against environmental stress and pollution. For an intensive treatment you can even leave the mask on overnight and rinse off in the morning. Your skin will feel soft, smooth and noticeable brighter.

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