Celebrate National Pomegranate Month

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016

November is National Pomegranate Month! So in honor of this nutrient-packed fruit, here are four fast facts about the pomegranate:


1. Pomegranates deliver more antioxidant power than green tea or red wine. Plant compounds known as polyphenols are responsible for the antioxidant effects of pomegranates. The polyphenol antioxidant content of pomegranates varies from fruit to fruit, but on average is higher than red wine, blueberry juice and red wine.

2. Pomegranate seeds are edible. If you haven’t attempted to eat a fresh pomegranate, you may not realize that the edible part of this fruit is actually the seeds.   Many people like to chew the seeds to extract the juice before spitting them out, but the seeds can be swallowed. You can also blend /squeeze them to make juice and other products.

3. Pomegranate juice stains. Opening and de-seeding a pomegranate can be a tedious and messy process because the juice stains many different surfaces, including clothing, countertops and wooden cutting boards. For those who wish to keep their hands (and clothing) clean, there are many packaged pomegranate products now available, including juices and yogurts.

4. A heavy, brightly colored pomegranate is the best choice. When shopping for fresh pomegranates, choose heavier fruits (they produce more juice), and those with hard, vibrantly colored skin.