Coconut Oil to the Rescue for Dry Winter…Everything!

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by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

If it seems like I revisit this topic just about once every winter, you’re right. Because every winter is plagued by the same thing for me – dry skin, fly-away hair and chapped lips. I’ve been told a million times to drink more water, use less soap and what have you, but none of that has ever worked for me.

6 Coconut Oil Beauty Must-Haves for Winter

After using so much junky, chemical-filled moisturizer that I gave myself all kinds of skin problems, I knew I had to find a better answer. You may groan when I say it, but that answer was coconut oil. I know, I know, you’re so sick of hearing about coconut oil that you are considering boycotting piña coladas for the rest of your life, but bear with me here.

While it’s completely acceptable to buy a giant vat of organic coconut oil and go to town, there are really amazing coconut oil based products that are easy to get your hands on and convenient to use.

My go-to line for all things coconut oil has become the glonaturals Coconut Collection. Besides the fact that it’s extremely wallet friendly, they have a few products in particular that are so good you’ll have to pry them out of my cold, dead, well-moisturized hands.

First and foremost, the hair care love of my life, the beauty product I stock in my cupboard in embarrassing quantities for fear of running out is the glonaturals hair serum. Lightweight but still beautifully moisturizing, it is my best defense against the torturous annoyance of sticky and static-y hair during the dry winter months. I also use it on my girls as a part of their regular hair maintenance routine because it makes combing through wet hair about a million times easier. No tears, silky soft hair and no static electricity ruining our good hair days. What more could you ask for?

The Coconut Collection also has coconut oil-based body wash and lotion that hydrate your skin without being obnoxiously heavy. Let me tell you, when it comes to body lotion, heavier is far from better. You want a body wash that will clean without stripping your skin and lotion that will moisturize instead of coat. If your skin can’t absorb it, it’s not actually doing much of anything and you’re throwing your money away, so stick to this nourishing line and get what you paid for.

Lastly, there is the dreaded phenomenon of chapped lips. Mix biting cold wind with indoor heating systems and a significant challenge in remembering to bring your water bottle with you on most days, and you’ve got a recipe for dry, cracked, and peeling lips. Not only do chapped lips break up your lipstick flow, they hurt! I’ve made it a habit to buy glonaturals Lip Balm by the half dozen and stash them everywhere – in the car, my purse, my coat pocket, next to my bed and so on. The coconut oil base makes it smooth and rich and a million times better for you than those petroleum-based lip balms.

So if you’re not the DIY type but still want the benefits of the magic potion that is coconut oil, give these products a go. I’m will to bet you a bottle of my hair serum that you won’t regret it.