Comfrey–For When You’re Not Very Comfy


by | Updated: December 2nd, 2016 | Read time: 1 minute

Is it just me, or does summer make you clumsy and accident prone? Within the past 14 days, I’ve suffered from: blisters on my toes from adorable-but-torturous new sandals; a heat rash from bathing suit chafing; a minor burn on my thumb from making campfire s’mores; a splinter; four insect bites. Oh, and I got a terrible muscle cramp in my neck when we went camping—I just couldn’t get comfortable in that sleeping bag!

Comfrey Benefits


The answer to all of these gripes, amazingly, may be comfrey ointment, according to my favorite TV doc, who recently discussed natural solutions to minor aches and pains. Unlike many ointments, it doesn’t smell bad. Slather it on!

One of comfrey’s less-than-scientific nicknames is “healing herb,” if that tells you anything! Comfrey extract contains a molecule called allantoin, which is believed to have benefits for the skin and inflammatory response.* Just make sure you only use comfrey topically—it’s not meant to be taken internally, and won’t help you with that brutal headache. (Sorry!)

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