5 Creative Ways to Package Homemade Cookies for Gift Giving

by | Updated: October 13th, 2020 | Read time: 3 minutes

The timer dings, you slide the tray from the oven and…voilà! Your cookies, save for some frosting or a sprinkle of cinnamon, are ready to give to friends and family for the holidays. The smell is heavenly, the taste divine and the presentation – perfect. These bundles of sweetness will spread cheer faster than Santa and his reindeer!

But as you pack them into plastic containers, your heart begins to sink a little. All that work to create beautiful and festive homemade cookies, and you’re sending them off like Grandma’s leftovers. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Festive Setting With Jar of Holiday Homemade Cookies Tied with Red Ribbon as Example of Creative Cookie Packaging Ideas | Vitacost.com/blog

Cookie packaging ideas fit for homemade cookies

In the spirit of the season, packaging can be as cheerful as the cookies inside. While you might be concerned about the added effort (after all, you did just spend a few hours to an entire day baking), wrapping cookies the way they deserve – in lovely homemade packaging – can be as easy as one-two-three.

Below, you’ll find a few creative DIY ideas for sprucing up your cookie packaging. Take some inspiration from this list, and really wow your cookie recipients this year with thoughtfully presented gifts.

1. Stack cookies on coasters

For a fun and useful gift, find some festive coasters with designs such as snowflakes, cozy plaid and other wintery designs. Stack your fresh-baked cookies on the coaster, top with a sprig of real spruce or mistletoe, then tie it all together with some hemp string or ribbon. Not only will the recipient love the looks, the smell of the greenery combined with delicious cookies will be downright irresistible!

2. Arrange cookies on individual serving dishes

Visit a thrift or secondhand store for interesting (and inexpensive!) serving dishes. Some ideas include mini ramekins, compote vintage dishes, mugs and even old-fashioned glasses. Create a base by spreading colorful shredded paper or tissue inside the dish. Top with cookies, secure with plastic wrap, then finish off off with some twine or a bright red ribbon. Gifting cookies on individual serving dishes gives recipients a keepsake they’re treasure for years to come.

3. Tuck cookies in egg cartons

A clever way to repurpose old egg cartons is by using them to package cookies! To brighten things up a bit, add festive cupcake liners into each space, then fill with baked goodies. Once full, close the lid and secure with hemp twine or colorful ribbon.

4. Fill mason (or other) jars with cookies

One of the easiest options for spicing up cookie packaging is to place them inside a mason jar. This is a great option if your cookies are many different colors, as you’ll be able to see them through the glass. Once you’ve placed the cookies inside, cut out a square piece of brown paper or fabric (for an earthy look), and place it between the lid and the ring before screwing it on. Wrap the jar with gold or silver ribbon and you’ve created simple, elegant and festive packaging for your homemade goodies.

5. Wrap cookies like candy

There’s something inexplicably special about unwrapping a piece of candy. The same goes for whatever you place inside a bit of a brightly colored wrapper! The crinkly sound paired with the smell of fresh-baked goodies will make recipients feel as special as the gift they’ve been given! Use holiday colors like red and green or blue and silver to keep with the season. Cut squares that fit over a stack of cookies, then tie at both ends with twine or ribbon. It’s a real treat!

Let your creativity soar (like Santa’s reindeer!). These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg – let your imagination run wild. After all, if reindeer can fly at Christmas, then surely the sky is the limit!

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