Cooking Confusion: Oil Vey!


by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016

I remember when I used to have two oils in my kitchen: canola for baked goods and extra-virgin olive oil for everything else. Now I use dozens. I collect oils the way some people collect coins. Coconut oil (extra-virgin refined, thankyouverymuch) is my all-time favorite, but every time I watch a new health show on TV, I end up buying a different and more exotic form of good-for-you-grease. And I never know which oil to use on what kind of food!

Try drizzling a little flaxseed on your oatmeal — good morning, indeed!

This is why I was actually kind of relieved to catch a special on healthy oils. Because now I know that not all oils are alike. This is the rundown”¦and also a little report about my own trial-and-error in the kitchen.

Grapeseed oil

Brand I tried: Heritage Products Grapeseed Oil

From the TV doc:

Health benefits: It’s cholesterol-free and chock full of antioxidants and vitamin E.

Best served with: Great used when popping corn because of its delicate flavor.

Cooking tip: Heat until it shimmers; after that, the benefits degrade.

From my kitchen to yours:   I drizzled some on air-popped popcorn and really, really did dig the taste! In the past, I’ve also used it with a bit of lime juice and cilantro in black bean salad recipes. Totally yummy!

Peanut oil

Brand I tried: Hain Pure Foods Peanut Oil

From the TV doc:

Health benefits: Doc said it’s heart-healthy, so yay for that!

Best served with: High “smoking point” and neutral flavor makes it a very versatile cooking oil

Cooking tip: Best for frying!

From my kitchen to yours:  I made a broccoli, bok choy and brown rice tofu stir fry with just ½ tablespoon of peanut oil and a little rice vinegar and soy sauce and it was heaven.

Flaxseed oil

Brand I tried: Vitacost Organic Certified Flax Oil

From the TV doc:

Health benefits: Get in your daily dose of omega-3s”¦deliciously!

Best served with: The nutty taste makes it a natural mix-in for smoothies, oatmeal and yogurt

Cooking tip: Don’t heat flaxseed oil. It will lose its nutrients.

From my kitchen to yours:   Steel cut oats, unsweetened plain almond milk, slivered almonds and chopped fresh pears. 1 tsp. of flaxseed oil. Good morning, indeed!

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