Dewy Skin is In! Here’s How to Create the Look – Naturally

Elizabeth Marglin

by | Updated: June 1st, 2021 | Read time: 4 minutes

Right on time for summer, perfect to celebrate your newly naked face, is that fresh, just-out-of-the-shower look that appears as if you were lit from within. In makeup circles, it’s referred to as the dewy look. Promoting a natural vibe, this popular beauty trend is all about fresh, gleaming (but never greasy), hydrated skin that looks fabulous in any light and from any angle. Thankfully, it’s also relatively easy to deploy. The only tools you need are your fingers and a few great products. Read on for best tips to achieve a light makeup touch—just enough to highlight your natural beauty.

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8 steps to dewy skin

Prep your skin the night before

First things first: Dewy skin starts with clean skin. You can pack on as much makeup as you want, but if your skin isn’t fresh, your makeup will never look fresh. The best way to get flawless skin is to exfoliate consistently. When dead skin cells build up on the surface of your skin, it tends to lead to dull, extra dry-looking skin. Regular sluffing also allows products like moisturizers to penetrate and do their best work, but it also prevents your skin from looking greasy.

The eyes have it

Eyes that look bright and un-puffy are key to creating a natural, youthful look. To keep that delicate skin happy, gently massage in your favorite eye cream. If necessary, apply a creamy concealer to any under-eye circles. Neutralizing any natural darkness around the eyes promotes a natural brightness.

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Transform your morning skincare regimen into a mini-facial, taking a few extra minutes to actually massage the products into your skin. Simply slathering on products means they’re probably just sitting on the surface and not absorbing into the skin, making them less effective.

A vitamin C serum that has pure vitamin C can help restore a healthy radiance to your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Smooth it onto your skin morning and evening after cleansing. Another pro hack is to mix your primer or foundation with your moisturizer for the perfect makeup-meets-skin care moment. Dewy skin toes the line between makeup and skin. It’s relies on the hydration you get from moisturizers, but also the illumination highlighters and primers can offer your complexion. Dialing down the amount of foundation you use dilutes the coverage just enough to give skin a dewier, natural finish and a more even skin tone.

SPF still rules

Using sunscreen with broad-spectrum SPF not only protects your skin from dangerous UV rays, but it also keeps your skin looking youthful. Blending in a moisturizer enriched with SPF to your foundation will protect your skin from future sun damage and keep you looking radiant in the present.

Fluff your roll

Yes, you want a natural look, but the last thing you need is monotone uniformity. For a soft natural eye, a great shadow is a simple wash of bronzing powder. Sweep it over the whole lid and then add a little more into the socket. It’s a soft look that adds natural definition. Another good bronzing technique is to apply the bronzer around the outside edge of your face and whip it lightly under the cheekbones. Both techniques warm the face naturally.

To combine the dewy look with blush, the best way is to apply your blush as normal, but then go over it with your recently used foundation brush. This helps mute down a bold blush to a softer finish.

Loosen your lips

Matte lipstick’s bold pigmentation can be a little overwhelming for a natural makeup look. For a softer finish, apply your favorite matte lipstick, then dampen a small fluffy makeup brush with a little primer. Use the brush to buff the color into your lips creating a diffused, long-lasting, matte lip stain that reads as both pretty and practical. Another option to keep the dewy trend going? Use a glossy lipstick in a natural hue, or even go nude as can be with a simple lip balm.

Stay true to you

The dewy look mandates that your skin does the talking. You don’t want to look too made up. Trust that your skin can be the main attraction just by itself. To complete the look, brush up and fill your brows with a brown pencil, curl your lashes, and add a couple coats of mascara.

Tamp the shine

Ideally, a good primer will make your look last from dawn ’till dusk. But in the real world, occasionally blotting the oil-prone T-zone with tissue throughout the day prevents shine creep. If you need a bit more control, dust on the tiniest bit of powder.

Remember, beauty is a never a one-size-fits-all dictatorship. Feel free to add drama by accentuating your favorite feature or going completely natural without any makeup at all. It’s your face, your choice, your canvas. Do with it what you will.

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