Did You Know… Vitacost Carries a Countertop Sprout Grower?

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016

Vitacost.com carries over 35,000 products (wow!) – every so often we’ll highlight some of our lesser-known items so you can discover even more ways to live healthy!

Sprouting: it’s the new gardening. No green thumb, no yard, no patience required. With the Tribest FreshLife Automatic Sprouter, a packet of seeds and some water, you can grow your own little crop of nutrient-packed, flavorful, fresh sprouts right on your kitchen counter in just three days.

How it works: Once you’ve picked and purchased seeds (alfalfa is a great place to start), set up the machine in a few easy steps, supplied by the manufacturer. Next, you’ll add water and sprinkle seeds on a tray. Close it up as directed, plug it in and””that’s it! An automatic sprinkler takes care of the rest, eliminating the time-consuming, rinse-repeat routine of the old-fashioned “jar method.”

Why you should get one: Besides the thrill of watching something you’re about to eat grow before your eyes (try not to peek every few hours””we dare you!), sprouts are incredibly healthy. They’re loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and chlorophyll””a unique protein only plants produce. Growing your own also saves you money. For the $4 you’d normally spend on a tiny tray of non-organic sprouts at the grocery store, you’ll harvest buckets-worth at home with the FreshLife Automatic Sprouter.

What to do with the greens you grow: Sprouts are a fantastic on salads””everyone knows that. But what else can you do with these delicate, slighty nutty tasting, perfectly crisp little powerhouses of nutrition? Try these alfalfa-fantastic ideas (and let us know if you have more!):

  • Stuff a pita-pocket with your favorite sandwich fixins’ and a nice, fat clump of sprouts.
  • Leave lettuce in the crisper drawer next time tacos are on the menu. Sprouts are right at home atop that last layer of shredded cheese.
  • Same goes for burgers. You’ll wonder why iceberg lettuce ever graced your buns.
  • Chop sprout strings into bits, and stir them into party dips.
  • Roll them in rice paper with strips of cucumber, carrots, yellow pepper and lettuce (add cooked, halved shrimp, if you’d like) for out-of-this-world spring rolls.
  • Toss them in the blender with chopped fruit, juice, yogurt and more for an instant “green” smoothie.