Did You Know Vitacost Sells: Freeze-Dried Food, Baby Bottles and Loofahs?

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 1 minute

Every so often, I like to search the depths of our expansive website to see what interesting products I can find – then I bring them all to you, oh faithful reader.

This week, my discoveries include survival food, baby “babas” and luxurious bath products:

Emergency food. Whether you’re going on a camping trip or preparing for a zombie apocalypse, freeze-dried food is a must-have. From canned beef to peach pie (yes, pie!), Vitacost.com has the survival foods you’re searching for.

Baby bottles. Babies are hungry little creatures – but it’s easy to keep your little one’s tummy satisfied with our selection of BPA-free baby bottles. We’ve also got bottle brushes, drying racks and all the other feeding accessories and equipment you need. If your little one is not so little anymore (they grow up so fast!), we’ve got solid baby food and snacks, too!

Loofahs. When baby’s fed and put to bed, it’s time for mommy to take a nice, long bath or shower. (Well, that’s how things would work in a perfect world, anyway…) Enhance your bathtime with a body-scrubbing loofah – or if a “poof” is more your thing, check out this colorful body sponge – customer kiki99 says it’s a “great way to lather up.”