Diet Soda Detox Plan


by | Updated: December 2nd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Most Vitacost peeps are health-obsessed, but I do have one coworker here who is a total diet cola fiend. She seems to be very healthy otherwise—she’s always talking about this 10k or that new recipe for roasted kale—but man does she guzzle down those dark bubbles. I can’t even picture her without thinking of a silver can in her right hand! Every time I approach this unnamed friend of mine about her bad habit, she jokes that she could have “worse vices,” and then says it’s just an impossible habit to kick. Well, I’ve got good news for her. The evils of diet soda were recently covered on a recent episode of my favorite health TV show—along with a very doable 4-week plan for detoxing from the bubbly badness.

Diet Soda Detox Plan

Week 1

If you drink regular soda, switch to diet. In my friend’s case (since she already drinks diet), she needs to drop one serving from her daily consumption. Making that….8 cans instead of 9?

To help with withdrawal, it’s really important to increase consumption of foods that contain L-glutamine, including eggs, beans and fish.

Week 2

Switch your soda to caffeine-free diet. You’re probably going to get some headaches. Vitamin B can help you deal with additional withdrawal symptoms and energy dips.

Week 3

You now need to be down to 50% of your usual soda consumption. Try replacing those missed soda breaks with coconut water mixed with club soda. (Coconut water is low in sugar and high in potassium.)

Week 4

That’s it. No more diet soda. If you have a moment of weakness, try chewing sugar-free gum. Spry’s a good choice, because the sweetener is all-natural xylitol.

So, whaddya say, @storyjorie? Are you up for the challenge? (Yep, I went there!)

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