DIY Citrus-Vetiver Cologne for Dad

Aura Cacia

by | Updated: June 9th, 2017 | Read time: 2 minutes

Treat the adventurous men in your life to something totally unexpected this Father’s Day—a handmade gift with a super personal touch. This sumptuous cologne, made from true botanicals, is insanely easy to make. Just combine the ingredients in a spray bottle, or empty cologne bottle (reduce, reuse, recycle!) and shake. That’s all there is to it!

Homemade Cologne For Father's Day with Neckties |

With a citrusy top note, floral middles notes and a woodsy base, this unique recipe makes a great summertime mist with a rugged edge (Note: the aroma subtly changes over time). Using more oils traditionally recognized as “feminine,” in men’s cologne has been trending for a few years, so don’t let the rose in this blend deter you!

Your guy(s) will love this pleasant, bright lemon and earthy vetiver fragrance—and you might like it so much you’ll want to sneak a spritz yourself (and we encourage you to do so)! To make it more personal, give the scent its own name (we like: Take a Walk on the Wild Side), write it on a gift tag and tie it on with some hemp string.


20 drops Aura Cacia Lemon Essential Oil
17 drops Aura Cacia Rose Absolute Precious Essentials®
3 drops Aura Cacia Vetiver Essential Oil
Distilled water
2-oz. amber glass mist bottle


  1. In mist bottle, drop in essential oils.
  2. Add distilled water until bottle is full.
  3. Replace cap and shake bottle to blend.
  4. To use, apply in short sprays to pulse points: wrists, neck or inside elbows.

Additional tips:

  • For less of a floral aroma, substitute 2 drops Aura Cacia Black Pepper Essential Oil for the 3 drops vetiver.
  • This is a perfume oil and is intended to have a strong, lasting aroma. The number of drops reflects the aromatic effect, and this should be used as a perfume—in small amounts at a time—for safety purposes.
  • Precious Essentials® are essential oils in a jojoba base. In this recipe, the number of drops is necessarily high for the rose aroma to come through, but it is not a dominant aroma in the blend.