DIY Holiday Gift: Coconut-Mint Soap Bars

by | Updated: October 13th, 2020 | Read time: 2 minutes

Soap is a great item to gift to friends and family during the holiday season. The best part is that there are so many wonderful scents to choose from. This year, add an extra-special touch by making it yourself! (Don’t worry, it’s way easier than it sounds.)

These natural, chemical-free homemade coconut-mint soaps help moisturize the skin and invigorate the senses. Each bar also features a touch of real coconut for a natural exfoliant and a dash of rosemary for some seasonal flair.

Note: This makes 6-8 soap bars depending on how large the molds you use are.

Homemade Coconut-Mint Soap Bar Topped with Sprigs of Mint and Rosemary |

15 drops peppermint essential oil
1/4 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
1 Tbsp. crushed rosemary
16 oz. shea butter
8 soap molds (or heat-resistant silicone brownie or cupcake molds)


  1. Using double boiler, melt shea butter. Stir occasionally, just until completely melted.
  2. In small non-plastic bowl, mix rosemary, coconut flakes and peppermint essential oil.
  3. Once shea butter is melted, immediately transfer it to a ceramic bowl or stainless steel bowl to prevent it from heating further. Stir in essential oil mixture.
  4. Gently pour soap mixture into molds. Use an icing knife, spatula or the back of a large spoon to flatten out the tops to make sure the soaps are level.
  5. Allow molds to cool completely for a least 2 hours in a cool place or alternatively, freeze or refrigerate them until completely cooled. (They should pop right out of the molds when cooled or with a gentle prying using a case knife.)
  6. To gift, wrap the soap with a pretty garnish such as baker’s twine, holiday ribbon, or your favorite gifting option.

Additional tip: If you don’t have a double boiler, create your own by filling a pot with water and laying a stainless steel bowl over the top. Scoop shea butter into stainless steel bowl and bring water to boil until shea butter melts.

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