Eco-Friendly DIY Makeup Remover Cloths

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by | Updated: July 11th, 2017 | Read time: 3 minutes

There’s no denying that disposable makeup removing cloths are gratuitously convenient. But we all know they’re also typically filled with questionable chemical ingredients. Add to that the fact that they are about the furthest thing from eco-friendly, and you’re now carrying around extra guilt which could so easily be avoided.

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Clean up your makeup routine and reduce waste by making your own reusable makeup remover cloths. You can customize your makeup remover solution to meet your skin’s particular needs and even switch it up depending on changes in season, your hormonal cycle or the typical unexpected breakout.

DIY Makeup Remover Cloths

What you’ll need:

1 airtight container (a mason jar works well)
10-15 cotton cloths (cut to size)
DIY makeup remover solution (ingredients below)

What to do:

Step one – Choose & cut fabric

First, choose a cotton fabric to make your cloths. A thin, organic, unbleached cotton fabric is ideal, but if that’s ridiculously hard to find you can just use some cotton flannel from your local fabric store. You can even pick fun patterns, colors or what not (just be sure to wash the fabric thoroughly in hot water to remove any chemicals that may have been used to treat the fabric or lingering from the dying process).

Cut your fabric into small squares, long rectangles to fold, circles that fit neatly in your jar, or cute shapes if you’re really crafty.

Step two – Make makeup remover solution

Next, create a makeup remover solution that’s best for your skin. You’ll need to make a fresh solution once a week, but luckily this recipe is simple and quick. Adjustments can be made depending on your needs including more or less oil and the amount of witch hazel.


1 tsp. organic plant-based oil (coconut, olive and sunflower oil are all good options)
1 Tbsp. organic aloe vera gel
3 Tbsp. aloe vera juice
1 tsp. liquid Castile soap (mild)
1-3 tsp. witch hazel (depending on your skin sensitivity)
Optional: 8-10 drops lavender essential oil
Optional: 1 tsp. vitamin E oil 

Add all ingredients to the jar and shake it vigorously. You could be more technical and use a small hand-held immersion blender in a separate bowl before putting it in the jar, if you really wanted, but shaking works too.

Step three – Soak the cloths

Place your folded, cut, or fancy cotton cloths in the jar with your makeup removing solution and gently turn the jar over and around to make sure the cloths have absorbed most of the solution.

Now you’re ready to go! Keep used cloths in a zippered reusable bag and wash on hot to make sure they’re fresh and clean for another batch. You can even grab a few and keep them in a reusable waterproof bag for traveling.

But beware: all of your friends will ask about them and want you to make them a set too! Not to worry, when that happens you should just have them all over to your house for a “DIY beauty party” and go to town with your designs, customized makeup remover solutions and general eco-friendly beauty routine.