DIY Sunburn Relief Spray

by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 1 minute

Ouch! Spent too much time in the sun? Now your skin is red and it hurts to take a shower, let alone put on a shirt. It’s going to hurt for a few days…unless you try a soothing skin spray. Using naturally nourishing ingredients, like aloe vera and calendula, this homemade sunburn relief is an easy-to-apply solution to a hard-to-touch situation. Just breathe – relief is coming.


DIY Sunburn Relief Spray

Makes 2 fl. oz. 


Vitacost Organic Aloe Vera Juice UnflavoredAloe vera has very soothing properties, so this is the base of the formula. You can get aloe vera gel, but the liquid form is best for mixing this spray.

Flower Essence Calendula Caress™ Herbal Flower OilCalendula adds moisture to ease any discomfort from dry, flaking skin.

Nature’s Answer St. John’s WortYour grandparents probably have St. John’s Wort in their medicine cabinet. It’s been around a long time and offers a variety of health benefits. It will, however, make your skin sensitive to sunlight. So definitely don’t apply this until you’ve headed back indoors.

Flower Essence ArnicaArnica is known for supporting muscle recovery, bruising and scarring. Because this is so concentrated, always dilute it before applying.

Small dark-colored spray bottle

Directions: Start with the aloe vera and add equal amounts of each ingredient (about 20 drops) to your spray bottle. Shake to blend.