DIY Warming Hand and Foot Massage for Cold Weather

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by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Cold hands and feet are a common occurrence during the frosty winter months. Gloves and blankets aside, what can a person do to warm up the extremities? Try a simple massage blend made with essential oils and a high-quality oil or lotion as a base. Using the right ingredients, you’ll be toasty warm in no time, from your fingers to your toes.

DIY Warming Foot Oil

Some of the spice oils that can bring warmth are pretty powerful – it takes just a few drops to get the desired effect and using more than is recommended can be irritating for sensitive skin types.

Cinnamon leaf – Spicy cinnamon leaf oil should be heavily diluted for topical use. Add 2-3 drops per ounce of a base or carrier oil to get a warming effect.

Myrrh – Powerful myrrh makes the ideal companion to cinnamon in this warming hand and foot blend. It’s rich, spicy aroma is both warming and soothing and it has properties that are healing and protecting for winter skin.

Ginger – This spicy oil is perfect in winter blends. Just a few drops are needed in any massage oil as this warm and spicy essential oil can be overused. However, add a few drops in a foot bath on an icy day with a little lavender and lemon oil and you will have a wonderful treatment for cold feet.

Caution: Once you have made your spice oil blend, make sure to wash your hands carefully.  If you happen to get a spicy oil in your eye, flush with a carrier (seed, nut, or vegetable) oil instead of water.  And make sure to follow recipe instructions to get the best result.

 Winter Warming Hand & Foot Oil 

2 drops Aura Cacia Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
8 drops Aura Cacia Lavender Essential Oil
5 drops Aura Cacia Myrrh Precious Essential Oil

Add oils to 1 ounce of massage oil and work in to cold, tired hands and feet.